Queen of the Furrow

2023-2024   Queen of the Furrow

BruceTaylor Legge

Competition Guidelines

A Queen of the Furrow is judged on her poise and personality as well as 3 competition components including Interview – 10 minute interview with a panel of 3 judges; Speech – 2-3 minute speech on the topic of your choice relating to agriculture and Plowing. The scores are broken down as follows:

 Interview 250 pts   
 Speech 250 pts   
 Plowing 100 pts   
 Deportment 200 pts   

As a representative of the Bruce County Plowmen’s Association, the Queen of the Furrow participates in a number of activities such as local fairs, farm shows, school visits and 4-H education days. She will also compete at the International Plowing Match the year following her crowning against Queens from across the province for the title of Ontario Queen of the Furrow.

The competition for the Bruce County Queen of the Furrow will be held Friday September 2, 2016 at the annual Bruce County Plowing Match. At this event, competitors will spend the day with a panel of 3 lovely judges who will score them on their Speech, Interview, Plowing ability (Don’t worry – you’ll have a coach and a chance to practice) and poise.

The winning contestant will go on to represent the Bruce County Plowmen’s Association for the 2016-2017 year and compete at IPM 2017.

Any Bruce County resident between the ages of 18 and 24 (as of January 1, 2016) is welcome to apply online or by contacting Tammy Fischer at 519-400-1183 or fischert10@gmail.com.

Schedule of Events

    September 4th

    Plowing – 9:00 AM
  • Each contestant will plow 2 rounds - Tractor and Coach are provided.
  • Practice plowing is available morning of (starting at 8:00 AM) or at the Bruce County Jr. Plowing Match on Sunday August 30)
    Interview – 10:00 AM
  • Each contestant will have a 10 minute interview with the panel of 3 judges.
  • Questions will be based on personal information provided in your application form as well as knowledge of recent events and IPM knowledge.
  • Delicious BBQ Beef provided by the Bruce County Plowmen’s Association.
  • Lunch tickets for family, friends and supporters can be purchased at the Plowing Match for $15.
    Speech – 12:00 PM
  • Contestants are required to prepare a 2-3 minute speech on any topic of their choice with an agricultural theme.
  • Speeches will be presented over the lunch hour while visitors and plowmen enjoy their meal.
    Crowning – 1:00 PM
  • Crowning will immediately follow the Speech portion of the competition before the crowds disperse to the plow fields.
  • The new Queen will be asked to stay for the afternoon to visit with guests, tour the plow fields and acquaint herself with the Plowmen’s Association. (All contestants are more than welcome to stay as well).

Honour Roll

The Queen of the Furrow program has a rich history which dates back to 1960 when the first Ontario Queen was crowned at the International Plowing Match in Elgin County.

In 1972, Bruce County crowned their first Queen of the Furrow and since then, many Bruce County Queens have gone on to win the Ontario title and represent the Ontario Plowmen’s Association and IPM.

2023 Taylor Legge  
2022 Hanna van Stuyvenberg Teeswater 
2019 Allison Pepper Chesley 
2018 Maggie Robinson Ripley 
2017 Laura Fullerton Paisley 
2016 Krista Young Elmwood 
2015 Serena Lamont Ripley 
2014 Crystal McLeod Tara 
2013 Laurissa Christie Tara 
2012 Rachel Anstett Walkerton 
2011 Alicia Scott Teeswater 
2010 Janette Hammell Tara 
2009 Tammy Fischer Teeswater *Ontario Queen IPM 2010
2008 Amber Mackie Ferndale 
2007 Carrie Waugh Wiarton 
2006 Janelle Dietrich Mildmay 
2005 Vanessa Klages Mildmay *Ontario Queen IPM 2006
2003 Jennifer Christie Tara *Ontario Queen IPM 2005
2002 Maria Poechman  
2001 Sarah Brown  
2000 Jennifer Becker  
1999 Jane Gowen  
1998 Wanda Dudgeon Tara 
1997 Heather Clifford Ripley *25th Anniversary
1996 Cheryl Hammell Tara *Ontario Queen IPM 1997
1994 Kelly Jane McKague  
1992 Cynthia Halliday  
1990 Tammy Thompson Tara *Ontario Queen IPM 1992
1989 Joanne Helwig  
1988 Marilyn McGillivary Paisley 
1987 Teresa Schular  
1986 Elaine Pennington  
1985 Marie Henhoeffer  
1984 Shelly Lynn Cumming  
1983 Carol Green  
1982 Christine Bregman  
1981 Betty Clark  
1980 Jo Anne Grubb  
1979 Frankie Renwick  
1978 Wanda Colvin  
1977 Wanda Colvin  
1976 Brenda Lamont  
1975 Sharon Gowland  
1974 Dawn Brunton Tara *Ontario Queen IPM 1975
1973 Pat Young  
1972 Pat Keith  *First Bruce County Queen